adjective \ˈre-krē-ənt\

Definition of RECREANT

:  crying for mercy :  cowardly
:  unfaithful to duty or allegiance

Examples of RECREANT

  1. <the victors had only contempt for the recreant enemy soldiers who surrendered without firing a shot>
  2. <recreant campaign workers who walked out as soon as their candidate began dropping in the polls>

Origin of RECREANT

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from present participle of (se) recreire to give up, yield, from Medieval Latin (se) recredere to resign oneself (to a judgment), from Latin re- + credere to believe — more at creed
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of RECREANT

:  coward

Examples of RECREANT

  1. <traditionally armies have dealt harshly with recreants, with execution being a common punishment for desertion during wartime>
  2. <the historian reserved his greatest contempt for those recreants who opposed the witch hunt but lacked the courage to speak out against it>

First Known Use of RECREANT

15th century


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