noun \ˈrē-ˌkrs, ri-ˈ\

: an opportunity or choice to use or do something in order to deal with a problem or situation

Full Definition of RECOURSE

a :  a turning to someone or something for help or protection <settled the matter without recourse to law>
b :  a source of help or strength :  resort <had no recourse left>
:  the right to demand payment from the maker or endorser of a negotiable instrument (as a check)

Examples of RECOURSE

  1. The dispute was settled without recourse to law.
  2. <a toddler quickly learns that a tantrum is a surefire recourse when a polite request for something is met with parental indifference>

Origin of RECOURSE

Middle English recours, from Anglo-French recurs, from Late Latin recursus, from Latin, act of running back, from recurrere to run back — more at recur
First Known Use: 14th century


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