adjective \ˈre-ˌklüs, ri-ˈklüs, ˈre-ˌklüz\

Definition of RECLUSE

:  marked by withdrawal from society :  solitary
re·clu·sive \ri-ˈklü-siv, -ziv\ adjective
re·clu·sive·ly adverb
re·clu·sive·ness noun

Origin of RECLUSE

Middle English, from Anglo-French reclus, literally, shut away, from Late Latin reclusus, past participle of recludere to shut up, from Latin re- + claudere to close — more at close
First Known Use: 13th century



: a person who lives alone and avoids other people

Full Definition of RECLUSE

:  a person who leads a secluded or solitary life

Examples of RECLUSE

  1. My neighbor is a recluse—I only see him about once a year.
  2. <he was sick of cities and crowds, so he decided to go live by himself in the woods as a recluse>

First Known Use of RECLUSE

13th century

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