verb reck·on \ˈre-kən\

: to think or suppose (something) : to believe that (something) is true or possible

: to calculate or guess (an amount, number, value, etc.) : to have or form a general idea about (something)

: to think of (someone or something) as being something specified

reck·onedreck·on·ing \ˈre-kə-niŋ, ˈrek-niŋ\

Full Definition of RECKON

transitive verb
a :  count <reckon the days till Christmas>
b :  estimate, compute <reckon the height of a building>
c :  to determine by reference to a fixed basis <the existence of the United States is reckoned from the Declaration of Independence>
:  to regard or think of as :  consider
chiefly dialect :  think, suppose <I reckon I've outlived my time — Ellen Glasgow>
intransitive verb
:  to settle accounts
:  to make a calculation
a :  judge
b chiefly dialect :  suppose, think
:  to accept something as certain :  place reliance <I reckon on your promise to help>
reckon with
:  to take into consideration
reckon without
:  to fail to consider :  ignore

Examples of RECKON

  1. I reckon that we'll have to leave early.
  2. Do you reckon you'll be able to go to the grocery store after work?
  3. We'll have to leave early, I reckon.
  4. They reckoned that they would reach their destination by noon.
  5. Losses were reckoned to be over a million dollars.

Origin of RECKON

Middle English rekenen, from Old English -recenian (as in gerecenian to narrate); akin to Old English reccan
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with RECKON

RECKON WITH Defined for Kids


verb reck·on \ˈre-kən\

Definition of RECKON for Kids

:  to believe that something is true or possible <I reckon we're lost.>
:  calculate 1 <They reckon the distance to be a mile.>
:  to regard or think of as :  consider <She was reckoned among the leaders.>


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