noun \(ˌ)rē-ˈkap-chər\

Definition of RECAPTURE

a :  the act of retaking
b :  an instance of being retaken
:  the retaking of a prize or goods under international law
:  a government seizure under law of earnings or profits beyond a fixed amount

Examples of RECAPTURE

  1. <the recapture of the territory may take longer than expected>

First Known Use of RECAPTURE


Rhymes with RECAPTURE



: to catch (someone or something that has escaped)

: to gain control of (a place or position) again after losing it

: to experience or bring back (a feeling, quality, or situation) again

Full Definition of RECAPTURE

transitive verb
a :  to capture again
b :  to experience again <by no effort of the imagination could she recapture the ecstasy — Ellen Glasgow>
:  to take (as a portion of earnings or profits above a fixed amount) by law or through negotiations under law

Examples of RECAPTURE

  1. The guards recaptured the escaped prisoner.
  2. The soldiers recaptured the hill they had lost the day before.
  3. In the final lap of the race, he recaptured the lead.
  4. They are trying to recapture those happy times they had together.
  5. The documentary recaptures the social tensions of the 1960s.

First Known Use of RECAPTURE



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