verb re·call \ri-ˈkl\

: to remember (something) from the past

: to ask or order (someone) to return

: to ask people to return (a product with a defect or problem)

Full Definition of RECALL

transitive verb
:  cancel, revoke
a :  to call back <was recalled to active duty> <a pitcher recalled from the minors>
b :  to bring back to mind <recalled seeing her somewhere before>
c :  to remind one of :  resemble <a playwright who recalls the Elizabethan dramatists>
re·call·abil·i·ty \-ˌk-lə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
re·call·able \-ˈk-lə-bəl\ adjective
re·call·er noun

Examples of RECALL

  1. She wanted to send him a letter but couldn't recall his address.
  2. I don't recall what time they said they would be here.
  3. It is important to recall that not very long ago cell phones did not exist.
  4. From what I recall, I think the library is two blocks down on the left.
  5. The first time we met, he recalled, we got into a big argument.
  6. As you may recall, we had agreed that decisions would require prior approval.
  7. What's his address? I don't recall.
  8. The ambassador was recalled from abroad.
  9. The factory is recalling all the cars because of a problem with the brakes.
  10. Officials recalled two tons of contaminated meat today.

First Known Use of RECALL

15th century

Rhymes with RECALL

ALGOL, and all, Antall, appall, Argall, argol, air ball, ashfall, at all, atoll, AWOL, baseball, beach ball, beanball, befall, Bengal, best-ball, birdcall, blackball, Bokmål, bookstall, box stall, bradawl, brick wall, broomball, catcall, catchall, cell wall, COBOL, cold call, cornball, Cornwall, crown gall, cue ball, cure-all, curveball, deadfall, de Gaulle, dodgeball, downfall, downhaul, drywall, duck call, eight ball, enthrall, eyeball, fair ball, fastball, fireball, fire wall, foosball, football, footfall, footwall, forestall, forkball, foul ball, four-ball, fourth wall, free-fall, gadwall, game ball, glycol, golf ball, Goodall, goofball, googol, guildhall, hair ball, handball, hardball, headstall, heelball, highball, holdall, house call, icefall, infall, install, John Paul, jump ball, keelhaul, know-all, landfall, Landsmål, line-haul, line squall, lowball, Maillol, meatball, menthol, mess hall, miscall, mothball, Naipaul, naphthol, Nepal, nightfall, nutgall, oddball, outfall, outhaul, paintball, pinball, pitfall, plimsoll, pratfall, prayer shawl, pub crawl, puffball, punchball, pushball, rainfall, rainsquall, rial, Riksmål, rockfall, roll call, rorqual, Saint Paul, save-all, screwball, seawall, short-haul, shortfall, sick call, sidewall, sleazeball, slimeball, snowball, snowfall, softball, sour ball, speedball, spitball, stickball, stonewall, stone wall, stoopball, strip mall, T-ball, tea ball, tell-all, three-ball, toll call, town hall, trackball, Tyrol, Udall, Walsall, what all, whip stall, Whitehall, whitewall, windfall, windgall, withal, you-all


noun re·call \ri-ˈkl, ˈrē-ˌ\

: an official order for someone or something to return

: a request by a company for people to return a product that has a defect or problem

: the ability to remember what has been learned or experienced in the past

Full Definition of RECALL

:  a call to return <a recall of workers after a layoff>
:  the right or procedure by which an official may be removed by vote of the people
:  remembrance of what has been learned or experienced
:  the act of revoking
:  a public call by a manufacturer for the return of a product that may be defective or contaminated

Examples of RECALL

  1. They issued a recall of workers after the layoff.
  2. The factory has issued a recall of all cars with the defective brakes.
  3. She did mental exercises meant to improve her recall.

First Known Use of RECALL



noun re·call \ri-ˈkl, ˈrē-ˌ\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of RECALL

:  remembrance of what has been previously learned or experienced
re·call \ri-ˈkl\ transitive verb


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