adjective \ˈrēz-nə-bəl, ˈrē-zən-ə-bəl\

: fair and sensible

: fairly or moderately good

: not too expensive

Full Definition of REASONABLE

a :  being in accordance with reason <a reasonable theory>
b :  not extreme or excessive <reasonable requests>
c :  moderate, fair <a reasonable chance> <a reasonable price>
d :  inexpensive
a :  having the faculty of reason
b :  possessing sound judgment <a reasonable man>
rea·son·abil·i·ty \ˌrēz-nə-ˈbi-lə-tē, ˌrē-zən-ə-\ noun
rea·son·able·ness \ˈrēz-nə-bəl-nəs, ˈrē-zən-ə-\ noun
rea·son·ably \-blē\ adverb

Examples of REASONABLE

  1. We have reasonable cause not to believe him.
  2. She offered a reasonable compromise.
  3. It's not reasonable to expect perfect weather.
  4. Please be more reasonable. There is no way I'll be able to finish all this work in so little time.
  5. A reasonable man would not expect such a thing.
  6. Our boss has reasonable expectations of his employees.
  7. The team has a reasonable chance of winning.
  8. He makes a reasonable amount of money.
  9. The store's prices are reasonable.
  10. The hotel offers excellent accommodations at reasonable rates.

First Known Use of REASONABLE

14th century

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