verb \ˈra-vish\

: to fill (someone) with pleasure, joy, or happiness

: to force (a woman) to have sex with you by using violence or the threat of violence

Full Definition of RAVISH

transitive verb
a :  to seize and take away by violence
b :  to overcome with emotion (as joy or delight) <ravished by the scenic beauty>
c :  rape 2
:  plunder, rob
rav·ish·er noun
rav·ish·ment \-mənt\ noun

Examples of RAVISH

  1. <tales of Caribbean pirates who abducted fair maidens and ravished them without mercy>
  2. <travelers have long been ravished with wonder and awe by the immensity of the Great Pyramid at Giza>

Origin of RAVISH

Middle English ravisshen, from Anglo-French raviss-, stem of ravir, from Vulgar Latin *rapire, alteration of Latin rapere to seize, rob — more at rapid
First Known Use: 14th century

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