noun \ˈrā-vən\

: a bird that has shiny black feathers and looks like a crow but is larger

Full Definition of RAVEN

:  a large glossy black corvine bird (Corvus corax) of Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and America

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Origin of RAVEN

Middle English, from Old English hræfn; akin to Old High German hraban raven, Latin corvus, Greek korax
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Birds Terms

aerie, bunting, clutch, covey, hackle, ratite, rictus, ruff, skein, zygodactyl

Rhymes with RAVEN



: shiny and black

Full Definition of RAVEN

:  shiny and black like a raven's feathers <raven hair>

Examples of RAVEN

  1. <a black satin dress that matches her silky, raven hair>

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verb \ˈra-vən\
rav·enedrav·en·ing \ˈra-və-niŋ, ˈrav-niŋ\

Definition of RAVEN

intransitive verb
:  to feed greedily
:  to prowl for food :  prey
:  plunder
transitive verb
:  to devour greedily
:  despoil <men…raven the earth, destroying its resources — New Yorker>
rav·en·er \ˈra-və-nər, ˈrav-nər\ noun

Examples of RAVEN

  1. <the rat ravened the poisoned bait just as we had hoped>

Origin of RAVEN

Middle French raviner to rush, take by force, from ravine rapine
First Known Use: 1530

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of several species (genus Corvus, crow family Corvidae) of heavy-billed, usually solitary, songbirds, once abundant throughout the Northern Hemisphere but now restricted to undisturbed areas. The common raven (C. corax), the biggest passerine, grows to 26 in. (66 cm) long and has a wingspan of more than 4 ft (1.3 m). The dark, iridescent plumage is shaggy, especially around the throat. Ravens eat rodents, insects, grain, birds' eggs, and, in winter, carrion and refuse. Captive nestlings may learn to mimic a few words. The large nest, a crude structure of sticks, is built high on a cliff or treetop.


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