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: a measurement of how good, difficult, efficient, etc., something or someone is

the ratings : numbers that show how many people watch or listen to a particular television or radio program

: a symbol that is officially given to a movie, video game, etc., to tell people what audience it is appropriate for

Full Definition of RATING

:  a classification according to grade; specifically :  a military or naval specialist classification
chiefly British :  a naval enlisted man
a :  relative estimate or evaluation :  standing <the school has a good academic rating>
b :  an estimate of an individual's or business's credit and responsibility
c :  an estimate of the percentage of the public listening to or viewing a particular radio or television program
:  a stated operating limit of a machine expressible in power units (as kilowatts of a direct-current generator) or in characteristics (as voltage)

Examples of RATING

  1. The school has an above-average academic rating.
  2. The article compares the fuel-economy ratings of various cars.

First Known Use of RATING


Rhymes with RATING

RATING Defined for Kids


noun rat·ing \ˈrā-tiŋ\

Definition of RATING for Kids

:  a position within a grading system <credit rating>
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