verb \ˈramp\

Definition of RAMP

intransitive verb
a :  to stand or advance menacingly with forelegs or with arms raised
b :  to move or act furiously
:  to creep up —used especially of plants
:  to speed up, expand, or increase especially quickly or at a constant rate —used with up <ramping up to full speed>
transitive verb
[4ramp (electrical waveform)] :  to increase, expand, or decrease especially quickly or at a constant rate —usually used with up or down <ramp up production>

Origin of RAMP

Middle English, from Anglo-French ramper to crawl, climb, rear, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German rimpfan to bend, wrinkle — more at rumple
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with RAMP



Definition of RAMP

:  the act or an instance of ramping

First Known Use of RAMP




Definition of RAMP

:  any of various alliums used for food

Origin of RAMP

back-formation from ramps, alteration of rams, from Middle English, from Old English hramsa; akin to Old High German ramusia ramp, Greek krommyon onion
First Known Use: 1826

Other Agriculture/Gardening Terms

fallow, graft, heirloom, loam, potash, soilage, swath, tilth, windfall



Definition of RAMP

:  a sloping way or plane: as
a :  a sloping floor, walk, or roadway leading from one level to another
b :  a slope for launching boats
:  apron 2h

Origin of RAMP

French rampe, from ramper, from Middle French
First Known Use: 1779

Other Civil Engineering Terms

asphalt, ballast, barrage, cantilever, infrastructure, sluice
RAMPING Defined for Kids


noun \ˈramp\

Definition of RAMP for Kids

:  a sloping passage or roadway connecting different levels <a highway exit ramp>


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