noun rail·road \ˈrāl-ˌrōd, ˈrel-; ˈre-ˌrōd\

: a system of tracks on which trains travel

: a company that owns and operates trains

Full Definition of RAILROAD

:  a permanent road having a line of rails fixed to ties and laid on a roadbed and providing a track for cars or equipment drawn by locomotives or propelled by self-contained motors; also :  such a road and its assets constituting a single property

Examples of RAILROAD

  1. <that railroad hasn't been used for passenger trains for decades>

First Known Use of RAILROAD


Related to RAILROAD



: to force (something) to be officially approved or accepted without much discussion or thought

: to convict (someone) of a crime unfairly

: to force (someone) into doing something quickly or without enough information

Full Definition of RAILROAD

transitive verb
a :  to convict with undue haste and by means of false charges or insufficient evidence
b :  to push through hastily or without due consideration
:  to transport by railroad
intransitive verb
:  to work for a railroad company
rail·road·er noun

Examples of RAILROAD

  1. a controversial law that is being railroaded through Congress
  2. a bill that was railroaded into law
  3. They claim she was railroaded.

First Known Use of RAILROAD

RAILROAD Defined for Kids


noun rail·road \ˈrāl-ˌrōd\

Definition of RAILROAD for Kids

:  a permanent road that has parallel steel rails that make a track for train cars
:  a company that owns and operates trains
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