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geographical name Que·ré·ta·ro \kā-ˈrā-tä-ˌrō\

Definition of Querétaro

  1. 1 state cen Mexico area 4544 square miles (11,769 square kilometers), pop 1,051,235

  2. 2 city, its ∗ pop 454,049

Rhymes with querétaro

Arapaho, arpeggio, at one's elbow, bocaccio, bull's-eye window, carrion crow, centesimo, clock radio, con spirito, continuo, curculio, D'Annunzio, DMSO, Eustachio, ex nihilo, fantastico, fellatio, Fernando Póo, finocchio, fortissimo, Geronimo, get-up-and-go, go with the flow, Guantánamo, hereinbelow, home video, in dubio, intaglio, in utero, in vacuo, laminar flow, lancet window, La Rochefoucauld, lentissimo, locus in quo, lothario, magnifico, malapropos, Medicine Bow, medicine show, New Mexico, oregano, picture window, politico, portfolio, presidio, prestissimo, punctilio, Quintana Roo, Rosario, quo warranto, Sarajevo, scenario, simpatico, sound-and-light show, status in quo, talk radio, tennis elbow, turbulent flow, Verrocchio

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