noun \ˈkō-ˌhg, ˈkw-, ˈkwō-, -ˌhäg\

: a type of large clam that is eaten as food

Full Definition of QUAHOG

:  a thick-shelled edible clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) of the United States

Variants of QUAHOG

qua·hog also qua·haug \ˈkō-ˌhg, ˈkw-, ˈkwō-, -ˌhäg\

Origin of QUAHOG

modification of Narragansett poquaûhock
First Known Use: 1753

Other Invertebrates (Except Insects) Terms

anemone, cephalopod


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Thick-shelled edible clam of the U.S. The northern quahog (Mercenaria mercenaria), also known as the cherrystone, littleneck, or hard-shell clam, is 3–5 in. (8–13 cm) long. The dingy white shell is thick and rounded and has prominent concentric lines. It is found in the intertidal zone from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico. It is the most important food clam of the Atlantic coast. The southern quahog (M. campechiensis), found in the intertidal zone from Chesapeake Bay to the West Indies, is about 3–6 in. (8–15 cm) long and has a heavy, white, plump shell.


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