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noun \ˈkyü-ˌship\

Definition of Q–ship

  1. :  an armed ship disguised as a merchant or fishing ship to decoy enemy submarines into gun range


First Known Use of q–ship


Rhymes with q–ship

airship, airstrip, atrip, backflip, blue-chip, call slip, catnip, chiefship, cleft lip, clerkship, corn chip, courtship, cowslip, deanship, death grip, drag strip, dress ship, ear clip, equip, felt-tip, fieldstrip, field trip, filmstrip, fireship, flagship, foul tip, friendship, frostnip, guildship, guilt-trip, gunship, half-slip, handgrip, hardship, harelip, headship, horsewhip, inclip, judgeship, jump ship, kingship, kinship, landslip, let rip, lightship, longship, lordship, Mendip, nonslip, outstrip, oxlip, palship, pink slip, pip-pip, princeship, queenship, roach clip, road trip, rose hip, round-trip, saintship, sales slip, sea whip, sideslip, spaceship, starship, steamship, storeship, strike-slip, take ship, tall ship, thaneship, township, transship, troopship, unship, unzip, V-chip, wardship, warship, white chip, wing tip

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a feeling of fear that causes hesitation

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