noun \pī-ˈräk-ˌsēn, pə-\

Definition of PYROXENE

:  any of a group of igneous-rock-forming silicate minerals that contain calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, or aluminum, usually occur in short prismatic crystals or massive form, are often laminated, and vary in color from white to dark green or black
py·rox·e·nic \ˌpī-ˌräk-ˈsē-nik, pə-, -ˈse-\ adjective
py·rox·e·noid \pī-ˈräk-sə-ˌnid, pə-\ adjective or noun

Origin of PYROXENE

French pyroxène, from Greek pyr- + xenos stranger
First Known Use: 1800


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

A group of important rock-forming silicate minerals of variable composition, among which calcium-, magnesium-, and iron-rich varieties predominate. Common pyroxenes belong to either the low-calcium enstatite-(ortho)ferrosilite series, (Mg,Fe)SiO, or the high-calcium diopside-hedenbergite series, Ca(Mg,Fe)SiO. Rare pyroxenes include jadeite, aegirine, and johannsenite. See also enstatite.


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