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puppy love


Simple Definition of puppy love

  • : romantic love that is felt by a child or teenager and that is not considered by adults to be real love

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of puppy love

  1. :  transitory love or affection felt by a child or adolescent


First Known Use of puppy love


Rhymes with puppy love

afoul of, ahead of, all kinds of, all sorts of, because of, become of, boxing glove, by dint of, by means of, by way of, courtly love, dispose of, get wind of, hand in glove, have none of, in back of, in case of, in front of, in lieu of, in place of, inside of, in spite of, in terms of, in view of, ladylove, light-o'-love, make fun of, make light of, make much of, make sport of, make use of, mourning dove, on pain of, on top of, outside of, turtledove, unheard-of, well-thought-of

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a feeling of fear that causes hesitation

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