noun \ˈpən-tər\

American football : a player whose job is to punt the ball

: someone who makes a bet

: a person who goes on a river, canal, etc., in a long, thin boat (called a punt)

Full Definition of PUNTER

:  one that punts: as
a chiefly British :  a person who gambles; especially :  one who bets against a bookmaker
b :  a person who uses a punt in boating
c :  a person who punts a ball
chiefly British :  customer, patron

Examples of PUNTER

  1. He was one of the greatest punters in NFL history.
  2. Effective marketing means getting the punters to buy what you want them to buy.
  3. The sale attracted more than 1,000 punters.

First Known Use of PUNTER

circa 1706

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