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verb pub·lish \ˈpə-blish\

Simple Definition of publish

  • : to prepare and produce (a book, magazine, etc.) for sale

  • : to have something you wrote included in a book, magazine, newspaper, etc.

  • : to include (an article, letter, photograph, etc.) in a magazine or newspaper

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of publish

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 a :  to make generally known b :  to make public announcement of

  3. 2 a :  to disseminate to the public b :  to produce or release for distribution; specifically :  print 2c c :  to issue the work of (an author)

  4. intransitive verb
  5. 1 :  to put out an edition

  6. 2 :  to have one's work accepted for publication

publishable play \-bli-shə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of publish in a sentence

  1. It's a small company that only publishes about four books a year.

  2. The university press publishes academic titles.

  3. The newspaper is published daily.

  4. There is a lot of pressure for professors to publish regularly.

  5. He has not published anything for a long time.

  6. The magazine published two of my stories.

Origin of publish

Middle English, modification of Anglo-French publier, from Latin publicare, from publicus public

First Known Use: 14th century

PUBLISH Defined for Kids


verb pub·lish \ˈpə-blish\

Definition of publish for Students


  1. 1 :  to bring printed works (as books) before the public usually for sale

  2. 2 :  to print (as in a magazine or newspaper) <The newspaper published her article on dogs.>

  3. 3 :  to make widely known

publisher noun

Law Dictionary


transitive verb pub·lish

Legal Definition of publish

  1. 1 :  to make known to another or to the public generally Editor's note: For purposes of defamation, a defamatory communication made to only one third party may be considered published.

  2. 2a :  to proclaim officially <publish an enactment> b :  to declare (a will) to be a true and valid expression of one's last will c :  to reproduce (an opinion) in a reporter

  3. 3a :  to disseminate to the public or provide notice of to the public or to an individual (as through a mass medium) <ordered to publish the citation in the legal notices for three weeks> — see also notice by publication at notice b :  to distribute or offer for distribution to the public copies of (a copyrightable work) by some transfer of ownership, rental, lease, or loan

  4. 4 :  utter

publisher noun

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