verb pro·pose \prə-ˈpōz\

: to suggest (something, such as a plan or theory) to a person or group of people to consider

: to plan or intend to do (something)

: to suggest (someone) for a job, position, office, etc.


Full Definition of PROPOSE

intransitive verb
:  to form or put forward a plan or intention <man proposes, but God disposes>
obsolete :  to engage in talk or discussion
:  to make an offer of marriage
transitive verb
a :  to set before the mind (as for discussion, imitation, or action) <propose a plan for settling the dispute>
b :  to set before someone and especially oneself as an aim or intent <proposed to spend the summer in Italy>
a :  to set forth for acceptance or rejection <propose terms for peace> <propose a topic for debate>
b :  to recommend to fill a place or vacancy :  nominate <propose them for membership>
c :  to offer as a toast <propose the happiness of the couple>
pro·pos·er noun

Examples of PROPOSE

  1. The scientists proposed a new theory.
  2. The mayor proposed a plan for a new bridge.
  3. Several senators have proposed raising the tax.
  4. I propose that we revise the bylaws.
  5. They propose to buy a new house.
  6. How do you propose solving this problem?
  7. The chairman proposed the young executive as a candidate for promotion.

Origin of PROPOSE

Middle English, from Anglo-French purposer, proposer, from Latin proponere (perfect indicative proposui) — more at propound
First Known Use: 14th century
PROPOSER Defined for Kids


verb pro·pose \prə-ˈpōz\

Definition of PROPOSE for Kids

:  to make a suggestion to be thought over and talked about :  suggest
:  to make plans :  intend <How do you propose to pay for a new bike?>
:  to make an offer of marriage
:  to suggest (someone) for filling a place or position <I proposed my teacher for the award.>


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