noun \prə-ˈbä-səs, -ˈbäs-kəs\

biology : the long, thin nose of some animals (such as an elephant)

biology : a long, thin tube that forms part of the mouth of some insects (such as a butterfly)

: a person's nose especially when it is very long or big

plural pro·bos·cis·es also pro·bos·ci·des\-ˈbä-sə-ˌdēz\

Full Definition of PROBOSCIS

a :  the trunk of an elephant; also :  any long flexible snout
b :  the human nose especially when prominent
:  any of various elongated or extensible tubular processes (as the sucking organ of a butterfly) of the oral region of an invertebrate

Examples of PROBOSCIS

  1. <if there were a direct relation between mendacity and the length of one's proboscis, hers would be a mile long>

Illustration of PROBOSCIS


Latin, from Greek proboskis, from pro- + boskein to feed
First Known Use: 1609

Related to PROBOSCIS

beak, conk [chiefly British slang], honker [slang], neb, nozzle [slang], nose, schnoz (or schnozz) [slang], schnozzle [slang], smeller, snoot, snout

Other Insect Terms

drone, entomology, gadfly, pismire, vespine

Rhymes with PROBOSCIS


noun \prə-ˈbäs-əs, -kəs\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural pro·bos·cis·es also pro·bos·ci·des \-ˈbäs-ə-ˌdēz\

Medical Definition of PROBOSCIS

: any of various elongated or extensible tubular organs or processes especially of the oral region of an invertebrate: as a : a sucking organ of insects (as houseflies or mosquitoes) that is often also adapted for piercing b : one of the complex protrusible holdfasts on the scolex of certain tapeworms


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