adjective \ˈpris-ˌtēn, pri-ˈstēn, especially British ˈpris-ˌtīn\

: in perfect condition : completely clean, fresh, neat, etc.

: not changed by people : left in its natural state

Full Definition of PRISTINE

:  belonging to the earliest period or state :  original <the hypothetical pristine lunar atmosphere>
a :  not spoiled, corrupted, or polluted (as by civilization) :  pure <a pristine forest>
b :  fresh and clean as or as if new <used books in pristine condition>
pris·tine·ly adverb

Examples of PRISTINE

  1. My office is a mess but her office is always pristine.
  2. He was wearing a pristine white shirt.

Origin of PRISTINE

Latin pristinus; akin to Latin prior
First Known Use: 1534


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