noun \ˈprin(t)s\

: a male member of a royal family; especially : the son or grandson of a king or queen

: a male ruler or monarch in some countries

: a man who is the best in his class, profession, etc.

Full Definition of PRINCE

a :  monarch, king
b :  the ruler of a principality or state
:  a male member of a royal family; especially :  a son of the sovereign
:  a nobleman of varying rank and status
:  one likened to a prince; especially :  a man of high rank or of high standing in his class or profession
prince·ship \ˈprin(t)s-ˌship\ noun

Examples of PRINCE

  1. <a neighborhood in which the city's merchant princes built palaces that shamelessly celebrated their wealth>

Origin of PRINCE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin princip-, princeps leader, initiator, from primus first + capere to take — more at heave
First Known Use: 13th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

European title of rank, usually denoting a person exercising complete or almost complete sovereignty or a member of a royal family. The wife of a prince is a princess. In Britain, the title was not used until 1301, when Edward I invested his son, the future Edward II, as prince of Wales. From Edward III's time, the king's (or queen's) eldest son and heir has usually been so invested.


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