adjective pre·pon·der·ant \pri-ˈpän-d(ə-)rənt\

: greater in number, force, or importance

Full Definition of PREPONDERANT

:  having superior weight, force, or influence
:  having greater prevalence
pre·pon·der·ant·ly adverb

First Known Use of PREPONDERANT

15th century

Synonym Discussion of PREPONDERANT

dominant, predominant, paramount, preponderant mean superior to all others in influence or importance. dominant applies to something that is uppermost because ruling or controlling <a dominant social class>. predominant applies to something that exerts, often temporarily, the most marked influence <a predominant emotion>. paramount implies supremacy in importance, rank, or jurisdiction <unemployment was the paramount issue in the campaign>. preponderant applies to an element or factor that outweighs all others in influence or effect <preponderant evidence in her favor>.


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