noun \ˈpa(-ə)r-ˌhas\

: a group of people or an organization that has a lot of power

: a person, team, etc., that has a lot of energy, strength, and skill

: someone or something that is full of a particular thing

Full Definition of POWERHOUSE

a :  power plant 1
b :  a source of influence or inspiration
:  one having great power: as
a :  one having great drive, energy, or ability <a powerhouse rock band>
b :  an athletic team characterized by strong aggressive play

Examples of POWERHOUSE

  1. The country is an economic powerhouse.
  2. Their company became a powerhouse in the video game industry.
  3. She's a powerhouse on the tennis court.
  4. This year's team is a powerhouse that's winning its games easily.
  5. Seaweed is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.
  6. He is a powerhouse of ideas.

First Known Use of POWERHOUSE

circa 1889


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