noun \ˌpä-sə-ˈbi-lə-tē\

: a chance that something might exist, happen, or be true : the state or fact of being possible

: something that might be done or might happen : something that is possible

possibilities : abilities or qualities that could make someone or something better in the future

plural pos·si·bil·i·ties

Full Definition of POSSIBILITY

:  the condition or fact of being possible
archaic :  one's utmost power, capacity, or ability
:  something that is possible
:  potential or prospective value —usually used in plural <the house had great possibilities>


  1. There is a strong possibility that I will not be chosen for the job.
  2. Have you considered the possibility that you may be wrong?
  3. My first two ideas didn't work, but I thought of a third possibility.
  4. The future holds untold possibilities.
  5. His degree and job experience give him a wide range of possibilities for a career.
  6. a man of undetermined possibilities
  7. The old house might not look like much now, but it has possibilities.

First Known Use of POSSIBILITY

14th century


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