noun \ˈpr-gē\
plural porgies also porgy

Definition of PORGY

:  a blue-spotted silvery-red food fish (Pagrus pagrus of the family Sparidae) of the eastern and western Atlantic; also :  any of various fishes (as a scup) of the same family
[alteration of pogy] :  any of various bony fishes (as a menhaden) of families other than that of the porgy

Origin of PORGY

alteration of pargo, from Spanish & Portuguese, from Latin phager, from Greek phagros
First Known Use: 1671

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Northern porgy (Stenotomus chrysops).—Runk/Schoenberger from Grant Heilman

Any of about 100 species (family Sparidae) of generally shallow-water fishes found throughout tropical and temperate seas. Porgies, sometimes called sea breams, are typically high-backed, with a single dorsal fin, a small mouth, and teeth strong enough to handle fishes and hard-shelled invertebrates. Most species do not exceed 1 ft (30 cm) long, but some may grow to 4 ft (120 cm). The South African musselcrackers, popular sport fishes, grow to 100 lbs (45 kg). In Australia and Japan, several species of Chrysophrys are important food fish (called snappers in Australia). The red sea bream inhabits deep European waters. See also sheepshead.


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