noun \ˈpä-plər\

: a tall, thin tree that has rough bark, soft wood, and very small groups of flowers

Full Definition of POPLAR

a :  any of a genus (Populus) of slender catkin-bearing quick-growing deciduous trees (as an aspen or cottonwood) of the willow family
b :  the wood of a poplar
:  tulip tree 1

Origin of POPLAR

Middle English popler, from Anglo-French, from Old French *pople poplar, from Latin populus
First Known Use: 14th century


geographical name \ˈpä-plər\

Definition of POPLAR

former metropolitan borough E London, England, on N bank of the Thames, now part of Tower Hamlets


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of at least 35 species and many natural hybrids of trees that make up the genus Populus (willow family). Poplars grow throughout northern temperate regions, some even beyond the Arctic Circle. They are rapid-growing but relatively short-lived. Their leaves flutter in the slightest breeze because of their laterally compressed petioles (leafstalks). The relatively soft wood is used to make cardboard boxes, crates, paper, and veneer. North America has three groups of native poplars: cottonwoods, aspens, and balsam poplars.


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