adjective \ˈpr, ˈpr\

: having little money or few possessions : not having enough money for the basic things that people need to live properly

: having a very small amount of something

: not good in quality or condition

Full Definition of POOR

a :  lacking material possessions
b :  of, relating to, or characterized by poverty
a :  less than adequate :  meager
b :  small in worth
:  exciting pity <you poor thing>
a :  inferior in quality or value
b :  humble, unpretentious
c :  mean, petty
:  barren, unproductive —used of land
:  lacking a normal or adequate supply of something specified —often used in combination <oil-poor countries>
poor·ish \-ish\ adjective
poor·ness noun

Examples of POOR

  1. We were too poor to buy new clothes.
  2. The organization helps poor families.
  3. She has a poor vocabulary.
  4. It was a poor attempt at a joke.
  5. He is in poor condition.
  6. She couldn't read the sign because her vision was too poor.

Origin of POOR

Middle English poure, from Anglo-French povre, pore, from Latin pauper; akin to Latin paucus little and to Latin parere to give birth to, produce — more at few, pare
First Known Use: 13th century


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