noun \ˌpä-mə-ˈrā-nē-ən, -nyən\

Definition of POMERANIAN

:  any of a breed of long-haired compact toy dogs with a soft dense undercoat
:  a native or inhabitant of Pomerania
Pomeranian adjective

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Pomeranian.—Sally Anne Thompson/EB Inc.

Breed of toy dog developed from the same sled-dog ancestors as the Keeshond, Samoyed, and Norwegian elkhound. It is said to have been bred down in size from a 30-lb (14-kg) dog in the duchy of Pomerania in the early 19th century. Spirited but docile, it has a foxlike head and small, erect ears. Its long coat, especially full on the neck and chest, is white, black, brown, or reddish brown. It stands about 6–7 in. (14–18 cm) and weighs about 3–7 lbs (1.5–3 kg).


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