noun \ˈpä-ləp\

medical : a small lump that grows inside your body (such as inside your colon or on your vocal cords)

: a small sea animal (such as a coral) that has a body shaped like a tube

Full Definition of POLYP

:  a coelenterate (as a coral) that has typically a hollow cylindrical body closed and attached at one end and opening at the other by a central mouth surrounded by tentacles armed with nematocysts
:  a growth projecting from a mucous membrane (as of the colon or vocal cords)
pol·yp·oid \-lə-ˌpid\ adjective

Origin of POLYP

French polype octopus, nasal polyp, from Old French polipe, from Latin polypus, from Greek polypous, from poly- + pous foot — more at foot
First Known Use: 1742

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noun \ˈpäl-əp\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of POLYP

: a projecting mass of swollen and hypertrophied or tumorous membrane (as in the nasal cavity or the intestine)—called also polypus


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