noun \ˈpä-lē-ˌes-tər, ˌpä-lē-ˈ\

: a material that is made from a chemical process and that is used for making many different products including fabrics

Full Definition of POLYESTER

:  any of a group of polymers that consist basically of repeated units of an ester and are used especially in making fibers or plastics; also :  a product (as a fiber or fabric) composed of polyester
poly·es·ter·i·fi·ca·tion \-e-ˌster-ə-fə-ˈkā-shən\ noun

Examples of POLYESTER

  1. The shirt is made of polyester.
  2. The sheets are a cotton and polyester blend.


International Scientific Vocabulary
First Known Use: 1929

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Definition of POLYESTER

:  characterized by inelegant or unsophisticated middle-class taste <polyester suburbs> <polyester folks>

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Organic compound, any of a class of polymers formed by ester linkages between monomers. They are usually prepared from equivalent amounts of glycols and dibasic carboxylic acids, which undergo condensation polymerization to produce the polyester and water. Polyesters are strong, colourfast, and resistant to corrosion and chemical attack but tend to build up a static electric charge. In addition to the familiar fibres and films (e.g., Dacron, Mylar), polyesters are used to make reinforced plastics, automotive parts, boat hulls, foams, laminates, tapes, piping, bottles, disposable filters, encapsulations, and coatings.


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