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noun pog·o·nip \ˈpä-gə-ˌnip\

Definition of pogonip

  1. :  a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western United States

Did You Know?

Readers of The Old Farmer's Almanac might recognize the odd-sounding warning, "Beware the pogonip!" So what's a pogonip? In the mountains of the western United States, the fog condenses into tiny, biting ice particles in extremely cold weather. The English-speaking settlers who encountered this unpleasant and sometimes scary phenomenon when they went out West in the 1800s needed a word for it. They borrowed "payinappih" ("cloud") from Shoshone, altering it to "pogonip."

Origin and Etymology of pogonip

Shoshone paγ i̵napp i̵h cloud

First Known Use: 1865

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