pit stop

pit stop


: a stop for fuel and minor repairs during a car race

: a short stop during a journey for rest, food, or to use a bathroom

: a place for making such a stop

Full Definition of PIT STOP

:  a stop at the pits during an automobile race
a (1) :  a stop (as during a trip) for fuel, food, or rest or for use of a restroom (2) :  a temporary deviation from a direct or usual course <a career pit stop … where he worked temporarily in between TV jobs — Mark Lorando>
b (1) :  a place where a pit stop is or can be made
(2) :  an establishment providing food or drink

Examples of PIT STOP

  1. We made a pit stop for some food before getting back on the highway.
  2. This little town is an ideal pit stop between the two cities.

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