noun \ˈpis-təl\

botany : the long central part of a flower that extends from the ovary

Full Definition of PISTIL

:  a single carpel or group of fused carpels usually differentiated into an ovary, style, and stigma — see flower illustration

Origin of PISTIL

New Latin pistillum, from Latin, pestle — more at pestle
First Known Use: circa 1741

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Female reproductive part of a flower. Centrally located, the pistil typically has a swollen base called the ovary, which contains the potential seeds (ovules). The stalk (style) arises from the ovary and has a pollen-receptive tip, the stigma, which is variously shaped and often sticky. There may be a single pistil, as in the lily, or several to many pistils, as in the buttercup. Each pistil is constructed of one to many rolled leaflike structures, or carpels. Differences in the composition and form of the pistil are useful in classifying flowering plants. See also stamen.


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