noun \ˈpin-(ˌ)tō\

: a horse or pony that has patches of white and another color

plural pintos also pintoes

Full Definition of PINTO

:  a horse or pony of various breeding that is marked with patches of white and another color — compare paint, piebald, skewbald

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Origin of PINTO

American Spanish, from pinto spotted, from obsolete Spanish, from Vulgar Latin *pinctus
First Known Use: 1860



Definition of PINTO

:  pied, mottled

Examples of PINTO

  1. <somehow, the pure white mare had a pinto foal>

First Known Use of PINTO


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noun \ˈpin-(ˌ)tō\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of PINTO


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Spotted horse, also called paint, piebald, skewbald, and other terms to describe variations in colour and markings. The American Indian ponies of the western U.S. were often pintos. Most pure-breed associations refuse to register horses with pinto colouring. Pintos have colour patterns called overo (white spreading irregularly up from the belly, mixed with a darker colour) and tobiano (white spreading down from the back in smooth, clean-cut patterns).


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