noun \ˈpi-(ˌ)lō\

: a bag filled with soft material that is used as a cushion usually for the head of a person who is lying down

Full Definition of PILLOW

a :  a support for the head of a reclining person; especially :  one consisting of a cloth bag filled with feathers, down, sponge rubber, or plastic fiber
b :  something resembling a pillow especially in form
:  a cushion or pad tightly stuffed and used as a support for the design and tools in making lace with a bobbin
pil·lowy \ˈpi-lə-wē\ adjective

Origin of PILLOW

Middle English pilwe, from Old English pyle (akin to Old High German pfuliwi), from Latin pulvinus
First Known Use: before 12th century



Definition of PILLOW

transitive verb
:  to rest or lay on or as if on a pillow
:  to serve as a pillow for
intransitive verb
:  to lay or rest one's head on or as if on a pillow

First Known Use of PILLOW


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