: seeming to have the power to see a person's thoughts or feelings

: very loud and high-pitched

: having a strong affect on someone : felt in a very noticeable way

Full Definition of PIERCING

:  penetrating: as
a :  loud, shrill <piercing cries>
b :  perceptive <piercing eyes>
c :  penetratingly cold :  biting <a piercing wind>
d :  cutting, incisive <piercing sarcasm>
pierc·ing·ly \ˈpir-siŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of PIERCING

  1. She looked at me with piercing eyes, and I was suddenly frightened that she knew what I had done.
  2. I tried to avoid his piercing stare.
  3. She felt a piercing sadness when she heard the news.

First Known Use of PIERCING

14th century



: the act or practice of decorating your body with jewelry or other objects that are attached directly to your skin

: a hole through part of the body where a piece of jewelry can be attached

Full Definition of PIERCING

:  a piece of jewelry (as a ring or stud) that is attached to pierced flesh

Examples of PIERCING

  1. There's a small shop in town where they do tattooing and body piercing.
  2. She got another ear piercing.

First Known Use of PIERCING


Other Jewelry Terms

bijou, brilliant, chase, facet, lapidary, paste
PIERCINGLY Defined for Kids


adjective pierc·ing \ˈpir-siŋ\

Definition of PIERCING for Kids

:  able to penetrate <a piercing wind> <a piercing look>
:  loud and high-pitched <piercing cries>


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