adverb \ˈpēs-ˌmēl, -ˈmēl\

Definition of PIECEMEAL

:  one piece at a time :  gradually
:  in pieces or fragments :  apart

Examples of PIECEMEAL

  1. <remodeled their house piecemeal because of budgetary constraints>
  2. <one well-aimed blow ripped the piñata piecemeal>

First Known Use of PIECEMEAL

14th century



: done or made in a gradual way in a series of separate steps

Full Definition of PIECEMEAL

:  done, made, or accomplished piece by piece or in a fragmentary way <piecemeal reforms in the system>

Examples of PIECEMEAL

  1. They've done piecemeal repairs in the past, but the bridge now needs major reconstruction.
  2. Some people want the changes to be made all at once, but I think we should take a more piecemeal approach.

First Known Use of PIECEMEAL



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