noun \ˈfī-ləm\

biology : a large group of related animals or plants

plural phy·la \-lə\

Full Definition of PHYLUM

a :  a direct line of descent within a group
b :  a group that constitutes or has the unity of a phylum; specifically :  a primary category in biological taxonomy especially of animals that ranks above the class and below the kingdom — compare division 10
:  a group of languages related more remotely than those of a family or stock

Origin of PHYLUM

New Latin, from Greek phylon tribe, race — more at phyl-
First Known Use: 1876

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noun \ˈfī-ləm\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural phy·la \-lə\

Medical Definition of PHYLUM

: a major group of animals or in some classifications plants sharing one or more fundamental characteristics that set them apart from all other animals and plants and forming a primary category of the animal or plant kingdom <the phylum Arthropoda>


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