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noun phe·nom \ˈfē-ˌnäm, fi-ˈnäm\

Simple Definition of phenom

  • : a person who is very good at doing something (such as a sport)

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of phenom

  1. :  phenomenon; especially :  a person of phenomenal ability or promise

Circa 1890

First Known Use of phenom

circa 1890

Rhymes with phenom

A-bomb, aplomb, ashram, bee balm, buzz bomb, car bomb, Ceram, cheongsam, coulomb, Coulomb, dive-bomb, dot-com, EPROM, firebomb, grande dame, H-bomb, imam, Islam, Long Tom, napalm, nizam, noncom, oil palm, pogrom, pom-pom, réclame, rhabdom, salaam, sitcom, skip bomb, Songnam, stink bomb, tam-tam, therefrom, time bomb, tom-tom, wax palm, wherefrom, wigwam

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