noun, often capitalized \ˈfer-(ˌ)ō, ˈfā-(ˌ)rō\

: a ruler of ancient Egypt

Full Definition of PHARAOH

:  a ruler of ancient Egypt
:  tyrant

Examples of PHARAOH

  1. <like some pharaoh of a third-world country, more interested in building monuments to himself than in creating a future for his people>

Origin of PHARAOH

Middle English pharao, from Old English, from Late Latin pharaon-, pharao, from Greek pharaō, from Hebrew parʽōh, from Egyptian pr-ʽ˒ʾ
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Foreign Functionary Terms

count, despot, emir, wardrobe, yeoman

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Epithet applied to Egyptian kings from c. 1500 to 343 BC. The term later evolved into a generic term for all ancient Egyptian kings. Pharaohs were regarded as gods, retaining their divine status even after death. A pharaoh's will was supreme, and he governed by royal decree, with the assistance of viziers. The common people nevertheless judged a pharaoh by his deeds; many were criticized, plotted against, and even deposed and killed. See also Akhenaton; Amenemhet I; Amenhotep II; Amenhotep III; Ramses II; Thutmose III; Tutankhamen.


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