noun \ˈfan-ˌta-zəm\

: something that exists only in a person's mind

Full Definition of PHANTASM

:  a product of fantasy: as
a :  delusive appearance :  illusion
b :  ghost, specter
c :  a figment of the imagination
:  a mental representation of a real object
phan·tas·mal \fan-ˈtaz-məl\ adjective
phan·tas·mic \-mik\ adjective

Variants of PHANTASM

phan·tasm also fan·tasm \ˈfan-ˌta-zəm\

Examples of PHANTASM

  1. <frightened by the phantasms of his own making>
  2. <believed that she'd seen the phantasm of her father on the anniversary of his death>

Origin of PHANTASM

Middle English fantasme, from Anglo-French fantosme, fantasme, from Latin phantasma, from Greek, from phantazein to present to the mind — more at fancy
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with PHANTASM


noun \ˈfan-ˌtaz-əm\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of PHANTASM

: a figment of the imagination or disordered mind
: an apparition of a living or dead person


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