adverb \ˈpərs-nə-lē, ˈpər-sə-nə-\

—used to say that something was done or will be done by a particular person and not by someone else

—used to say that someone knows a person or thing from personal experience and not because of someone else

: in a way that involves a particular person and no one else

Full Definition of PERSONALLY

:  in person <attend to the matter personally>
:  as a person :  in personality <personally attractive but not very trustworthy>
:  for oneself :  as far as oneself is concerned <personally, I don't want to go>
:  in a personal manner <don't take this personally>

Examples of PERSONALLY

  1. You will be held personally responsible for any losses or damages.
  2. The player was personally criticized by his coach.
  3. He blamed me personally for causing the problem.
  4. I was personally offended by the article.

First Known Use of PERSONALLY

14th century


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