noun \ˈpər-fə-dē\

: the act of betraying someone or something : the state of not being loyal

plural per·fi·dies

Full Definition of PERFIDY

:  the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal :  treachery
:  an act or an instance of disloyalty

Examples of PERFIDY

  1. They are guilty of perfidy.
  2. <he decided to forgive his wife's perfidy, choosing to ascribe it to a moment of uncharacteristic weakness>
  3. A man who built his entire administration upon demanding unctuous loyalty from his allies now finds himself wounded by their shabby betrayal. You'd have to go back to one of Spain's humpbacked Hapsburgs to find court perfidy of the variety that is currently depleting the president's power. —Jack Hitt, Mother Jones, January & February 2006

Origin of PERFIDY

Latin perfidia, from perfidus faithless, from per- detrimental to + fides faith — more at per-, faith
First Known Use: 1592


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