noun \-ˌmint, -mənt, in rapid speech ˈpep-mənt or -əm-ənt\

: a plant that produces an oil that is used especially to flavor candies

: a candy flavored with peppermint

Full Definition of PEPPERMINT

a :  a pungent and aromatic mint (Mentha piperita) with dark green lanceolate leaves and whorls of small pink flowers in spikes
b :  any of several mints (as M. arvensis) that are related to the peppermint
:  candy flavored with peppermint
pep·per·minty \ˈpe-pər-ˌmin-tē\ adjective

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noun \-ˌmint, -mənt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of PEPPERMINT

: a mint of the genus Mentha (M. piperita) with dark green leaves and spikes of small pink flowers from which an aromatic oil is obtained
pep·per·minty \ˈpep-ər-ˌmint-ē\ adjective


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Strongly aromatic perennial herb (Mentha piperita, mint family), source of a widely used flavouring. Native to Europe and Asia, it has been naturalized in North America. The stalked, smooth, dark green leaves and blunt, oblong clusters of pinkish lavender flowers are dried for use as a flavouring agent. Oil of peppermint is widely used to flavour confectionery, chewing gum, toothpastes, and medicines. The oil also contains menthol, long used medicinally as a soothing balm.


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