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pen point


Definition of pen point

  1. :  a small thin convex metal device that tapers to a split point, fits into a holder, and is used for writing or drawing

Circa 1864

First Known Use of pen point

circa 1864

Rhymes with pen point

adjoint, anoint, appoint, aroint, ballpoint, bluepoint, blue point, break point, butt joint, checkpoint, choke point, clip joint, conjoint, dew point, disjoint, drypoint, end point, fixed-point, flash point, game point, grade point, gunpoint, High Point, hinge joint, hip joint, ice point, juke joint, knifepoint, lap joint, match point, midpoint, near point, nonpoint, outpoint, pinpoint, pourpoint, price point, seal point, set point, standpoint, strongpoint, tuck-point, viewpoint, waypoint

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