noun \pə-ˈtrōl\

: the act of walking or going around or through an area, building, etc., in order to make sure that it is safe : the act of patrolling an area

: a group of people, vehicles, etc., that go through an area to make sure that it is safe : a group that patrols an area

Full Definition of PATROL

a :  the action of traversing a district or beat or of going the rounds along a chain of guards for observation or the maintenance of security
b :  the person performing such an action
c :  a unit of persons or vehicles employed for reconnaissance, security, or combat
:  a subdivision of a Boy Scout troop or Girl Scout troop

Examples of PATROL

  1. The guard makes a patrol of the building every hour.
  2. Soldiers are on patrol along the border.
  3. Army patrols combed the area.

First Known Use of PATROL




: to walk or go around or through (an area, building, etc.) especially in order to make sure that it is safe


Full Definition of PATROL

intransitive verb
:  to carry out a patrol
transitive verb
:  to carry out a patrol of
pa·trol·ler noun

Examples of PATROL

  1. The squad had orders to patrol the area.
  2. The border is patrolled by the army.

Origin of PATROL

French patrouiller, from Middle French, to tramp around in the mud, from patte paw — more at patten
First Known Use: 1691


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