pantothenic acid

pan·to·then·ic acid

noun \ˌpan-tə-ˈthe-nik-, -ˈthē-\


:  a viscous oily acid C9H17NO5 of the vitamin B complex found in all living tissues


Greek pantothen from all sides, from pant-, pas all — more at pan-
First Known Use: 1933

pan·to·then·ic acid

noun \ˌpant-ə-ˌthen-ik-\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of PANTOTHENIC ACID

: a viscous oily acid C9H17NO5 that belongs to the vitamin B complex, occurs usually combined (as in coenzyme A) in all living tissues and especially liver, is made synthetically, and is essential for the growth of various animals and microorganisms

pantothenic acid

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Organic compound, essential in animal metabolism. The nature of the bound form was clarified through the discovery and synthesis (1947–50) of the compound pantetheine, which contains pantothenic acid combined with the compound thioethanolamine. Pantetheine is part of two larger compounds (coenzyme A and acyl-carrier protein) that promote a large number of metabolic reactions essential for the growth and well-being of animals. A dietary deficiency severe enough to lead to clear-cut disease has not been described in humans; however, when a person is severely malnourished, deficiency of the vitamin appears to contribute to the observed weakness and mental depression.


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