noun \ˈpan-ˌpīp\

: a musical instrument that is made up of several short pipes of different lengths and that is played by blowing air across the top

Full Definition of PANPIPE

:  a primitive wind instrument consisting of a series of short vertical pipes of graduated length bound together with the mouthpieces in an even row —often used in plural

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Origin of PANPIPE

Pan, its traditional inventor
First Known Use: 1820


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Romanian panpipe; in the Horniman Museum, London—Courtesy of the Horniman Museum, London

Wind instrument consisting of pipes of different lengths made of cane (less often wood, clay, or metal) arranged in a row. It is blown across the top, each pipe producing a different note. The panpipe dates from c. 2000 BC and is found worldwide, especially in eastern Africa, South America, and Melanesia.

Variants of PANPIPE

panpipe or syrinx


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